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Custom Engraving has been providing high quality components to the motorcycle market since 2000. The hallmark of our work is our ability to provide custom parts with extremely fine detail. That, coupled with finishing options, such as 24kt gold, has established Custom Engraving as the benchmark for custom parts in the motorcycle industry.

And now, we have set our sights on the tractor trailer sector. The work is the same. Custom designs done with ultra-high quality. The only difference is the parts that will be used for customizing. Making base substrate parts from billet aluminum is second nature to us. (First nature is engraving).

See our Vehicle Emblems below


Standard base parts include grille emblems for
  • Kenworth
  • Peterbilt
  • Freightliner


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It’s all about customizing & branding. We have 100’s of designs available, but why not incorporate something custom to reinforce your brand, or your own personal style.

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