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Custom Vehicle Emblems & Badges

Custom Vehicle Emblems & Badges

Please contact us directly with questions regarding our design capabilities.
cobra 50th anniversary emblem

Vehicle Badges

Custom Engraving has been providing high quality components to the motorcycle market since 2000. The hallmark of our work is our ability to provide custom parts with extremely fine detail. That, coupled with the finishing options, like 24kt gold, has established Custom Engraving as the benchmark for custom parts in that motorcycle industry.

And now, we have set our sights on the automotive sector. The work is the same. Custom designs done with ultra-high quality. The only difference is the parts that will be used for customizing. Making base substrate parts from billet aluminum is second nature to us. (First nature is engraving).

Be Different

Millions upon millions of cars & trucks are produced every year – and nothing much distinguishes them from one another. Show off a little bit of yourself with an awesome accessory - ones that is highest in quality and detail. You're not like anyone else. So why should your vehicle be the same as everyone elses. Be proud of what sets you apart.


Standard base parts include grille emblems for Ford, Chevy & Dodge. Also available are badges in 3 inch, 4 inch & 5 inch diameter sizes.


With hundreds of available designs, and the potential to have those designs produced on a large number of different kinds of parts, it's not practical to try and have all combinations on the shelf, ready to ship. So, we invite you to contact us either by phone or email to discuss. We are in the process of creating inventory for popular designs using the badges above.

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